Virago - A woman of great stature, strength, and courage.

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About the project

Virago is the first interchangeable NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing for true Ownership and Customization. Virago is also developing its own Metaverse with a series of Games.

By Holding a Virago you can choose between different poses to display and change the name of your NFTs.

Virago is currently building a Non-KYC Exchange that will allow holders to withdraw and deposit Funds without having to provide any Documents. It is the epidemy of decentralization.

By owning a Virago NFT you will get access to Web3 Tools for free by using their Proxy Service that is currently in development

Virago: Unchained is the Featured Game that Virago is currently developing. Virago has a Prototype which is currently available to download and play.

Virago: Unchained is a fully hand animated competitive play and earn fighting game with beat’em up gameplay in the story mode..

Fight to survive and shape Tengri! Build the story with our community through our games, manga, products and services - this is the start of an IP that will never be forgotten.


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the magicians


Virago is developed by an assembly of Artist, Programmers & Marketers launching web3 projects & helping companies launch their own web3 projects.
The team consists of former HBO / Yahoo / AMC / Netflix / Hulu Designers & Artists.

Co-Founder & Lead Artist
She spent her lonesome years wandering the grasslands of Tengri, imagining what it would be like if she had other beings around her. That’s where the missing pieces of her memory begin. Those were the brightest of days. Not worrying about threats or consequences. Just living.
Project Lead & Creative Mind
N1 is responsible for all key decisions and leads the Company. He serves as CTO for Bitcoin ATM Pros Inc., Cryptogram Inc. and Coinpros Inc. N1 has been in the Crypto space since early 2017 and has been in many key positions in a lot of projects
Fhahroz is one of our professional backend developers. Programming since 2012, Fhahroz is now the CEO of Avolox, specialized in smart contracts on the Blockchain
Lead Developer
Bilal has been programming for 14 years and has been working since 2020 on blockchain development. With his extensive understanding of this technology, he guarantees flawless Blockchain movements.
Assistant Animator
Uğur has been working together with Mutlu on various Animation Projects. For Virago , he is responsible for the Animations and helps to create the perfect Visuals.
Background Artist & Assistant Animator
Nurten is one of Virago female Design & Animation Assistant and responsible for the Backgrounds on the Virago Trailers.
Discord Management
Aja is a Gamer at heart & has been Managing Discords together with Eucliwood for the last few years. These 2 Individuals are the perfect fit for setting up, managing & guaranteeing flawless security within the Discord.
Discord Management
Eucliwood is a Gamer at heart & has been Managing Discords together with Aja for the last few years. These 2 Individuals are the perfect fit for setting up, managing & guaranteeing flawless security within the Discord.
road to heaven


Virago The Beginning Creation
Virago The Beginning Public Mint
Start of Virago: Unchained Deevlopment
Add Customization Features
Publish Virago Unchained Prototype
Publish Virago Streetbrawl
Staking Feature Introduction
$TNGR Token Development
Development of Virago On The Run
Add Second Poses
Launch Collection on CumRocket (BSC)
Token Development
Virago Origins Release
Virago Unchained NFT Release
$TNGR Token Launch
Release of the first Manga Concept
Release Non KYC Exchange for Holders
Additional Utility in form of Proxy
Virago Unchained Alpha Release
Togtuun Sidechain in Test net
Virago The Hunters NFT Release
Togtuun Launchpad Alpha release
Virago Unchained Game release
Togtuun Mainnet Launch
Virago Game Marketplace Launch
Fiat on-ramp added
Virago Game migration to Togtuun
Togtuun Wallet Launch
Release of Togtuun & Ethereum Bridge
In progress


Rarity & Traits

Each Virago is a unique digital artwork that has been created from a mix of 204 different traits—allowing it to have OVER 2,711,298,800 different possible combinations. We use generative processes to generate these traits and distribute the rarity across all Virago. The listing will be made on upon launch so that everyone will be able to check on the rarity of their Virago, There are a Total of 816 traits with the second, third and fourth pose

Do I own all the commercial rights to my Virago ?

Yes you do! We're excited to see what spin off ideas and businesses you all create with our shared IP!

How much are the re-sell royalty fees?

The amount of royalties was fixed at 6.9% to finance the Virago projects and the Virago expansion. This percentage can decrease over time. The funds collected will benefit the holders through how they are spent to increase the popularity and strength of the project. Also, Virago will organize exclusive events for the holders in the world's top cities.

How do Play and Earn Games work?

In the play-and-earn model, all the digital assets you own within the game are empirically yours, and you can do whatever you want with them. The more time you spend playing a Play and earn game, the more items you can earn. You can then sell these in-game items for real currency in various marketplaces.

Why a Fighting Game?

Since we wanted to show off our artists talents, we are going with a 2D Fighting Game. Another reason is that League of Legends (Riot Games) are creating a Fighting game around the LoL characters. We wanted to get in on that niche market and do it with P2E capabilities. With this game we are hoping to be able to host tournaments within our community. Bringing the Virago to the eSports stage. It also comes down to scope. We want to make sure we can put a game out that won't take 4+ years to develop. These Virago are more than they seem and have a side to them that will help the decision of a fighting game to make sense. However, we can't tell you all those details just yet. The other reason we chose a fighting game was to allow for our artists to be showcased. We are doing a fully hand animated game. This will allow us to have those cinematic moments where the player loses control and just watches the art on their screen.





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